Hi, my name is Mia and I’m a Young Adult and Romance Author.

I always loved making up stories and sharing them with my friends when we were playing. Later, this transformed into hobby of taking already written stories and rewriting them with a spin. I’ve spent years writing fanfictions and sharing them with my friends and they all had parts of me in them. After that it became my mission to find books that match my taste completely. Just the right amount of romance, dancing and friendship. As I could never find the perfect mixture for me, I decided to write it myself. That’s how the Thornfield series was born. After many years of writing, rewriting and using the same two characters in thousands of different situations, I finally hit publish. Now all of you can read Kat & Alex’s story. The final version. I thought after writing these characters out of my system it will be it. I wanted my own ballet themed book, and I got it. But my passion for writing only grew stronger during this process and new characters popped up in my head wanting their fair share of my attention. So, I guess I’m a writer now, and I can’t wait to share all of them with you.

I grew up in Budapest, Hungary, but I’m currently living in London. I’ve been dancing since she was six and that’s why ballet is heavily featured in my books. If I’m not writing I love to read and spend time with my friends and dog.

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