High Roller (Elites of Eastview High #1)

“She’s a gamble not worth losing. He is the High Roller.”


Five years ago I witnessed something I shouldn’t have, and it left a mark on me. To the outside world, I was the King of Eastview High – the rich and handsome womanizer. I had everything: money, girls, and fame. But deep down I was broken beyond repair. I could only shed my mask in her presence. My best friend, my soulmate, and the love of my life. Essie.

But how was I supposed to take the gamble of moving outside the friend zone knowing our pasts cast a dangerous shadow over us waiting to explode?

They called me the High Roller because I never blinked an eye with high stakes. But some stakes are just too high, and some gambles are not worth losing.

Gossip Girl meets Dynasty in this emotional and intense best friends-to-lovers high school romance with dark themes.

For readers above the age of 16. 

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