The Sky Between US

“Some mistakes can’t be forgiven or left behind. Some mistakes leave a mark on us and we have to carry their consequences forever.”


Six years ago, my life fell apart and ever since I was living within those broken pieces.

Until I met him.

The moment I walked into the Starbucks on my first day of work and laid eyes on him, everything changed.

He saw me.

For the first time in three years, I wasn’t invisible. I’ve grown used to staying on the sidelines and living in the shadows until I met him.

Aiden Hitchings was my father’s favorite player. Our university’s soccer star. The one who lived in the spotlight.

I knew I shouldn’t have tempted fate, but falling for him wasn’t a choice.

History was about to repeat itself, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it.


Last year of college was going to be epic. Juggling our NCAA Championship, coursework and my part-time job at Starbucks wasn’t easy, but it was all going to pay off once I signed my professional contract.

That was before she walked in.

The hazel-eyed girl with a sharp tongue, the one who always blended into the background, was staring right back at me. The Coach’s daughter, one I should have avoided at any cost but kept being drawn to.

She shattered my carefully built-up world and inked herself deep into my soul.

But she carried a secret with her that stood between us, slowly breaking us.

And for the first time in my life, I lost control and I felt helpless.

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